Monday, August 12, 2013

Spanish speaking project, Jeffrey Shaffer

Student’s Name _________________________________________ Period _________

Class                          Teacher/parent/coach/adult/authority                          Ranking*
Practice, other activity

0. ___________________      _______________________________                   _____
1. ___________________      _______________________________                   _____
2. ___________________      _______________________________                   _____
3. ___________________      _______________________________                   _____
4. ___________________      _______________________________                   _____
5. ___________________      _______________________________                   _____
6. ___________________      _______________________________                   _____
7. ___________________      _______________________________                   _____
8. ___________________      _______________________________                   _____
9. ___________________      _______________________________                   _____
10. __________________      _______________________________                   _____
* Please give this student a ranking on their participation in the Spanish communication project from 0-5. 0 is a student who did not try to avoid English. 5 is a student who truly tried to use only Spanish communication at all times, unless English was required for your class. PLEASE ASSIGN A 3 FOR STUDENTS WHO DID NOT SPEAK TO YOU OR OTHERS AT ALL, BUT RATHER AVOIDED IT SO AS NOT TO HAVE TO USE SPANISH!

Activities Before and After School

For those activities before and after school, please have an adult sign indicating that you continued your Spanish communication outside of school. Involve more than one adult, ea different adult for every activity. Also a parent/guardian must sign for your use of Spanish communication at home as well. All are able to give you a ranking.

(Please write any comments the teacher should know)
Home (Spanish only) or any activity away from SHS                                       Ranking ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                June 20, 2013

Dear Teachers, Coaches, and Parents,

            In the Department of World Languages and AP Spanish we have learned that sustained oral communication is a very important part of becoming proficient speakers of Spanish. However, we have found that speaking is one of the most difficult parts of our class as well. To better our speaking, we must practice. Our Spanish 1 class has suggested a day of total Spanish communication. We are very determined to better our communication skills and become as fluent as we can be. Therefore, we have decided to conduct a Spanish communication project in order to better our speaking and writing capabilities. Unfortunately, Señor Shaffer cannot be with each of us for the twenty four hour period that we are conducting this project, so we’re asking for your help!

            Each student has been asked to speak and write only in Spanish for twenty four hours.  The first 24 hours are Friday 21st   during class-Saturday 22nd approximately 11:30am..   In school as well as at home, our goal is to avoid using English for forty eight hours, or use as little English as possible. Though we may not be speaking English, we want to participate in school activities (such as answering questions, small discussions, and speaking before and after class) as well as outside activities (such as speaking with friends and family, shopping, phone calls, texting, and emailing).

            If there is a time where speaking English is completely necessary (such as at work while speaking to customers, mandatory class discussions, presentations, band or choir, written class assignments, or graded written compositions), we must speak in English for this time period. If this happens during your class period or activity, please indicate on the back of the letter that for your class period or activity, we were exempt from the project due to an activity in which we were required to use English.

            At the end of your class period or activity, please sign the back of this letter and please make any comments that you feel important to our project. Then, please give us a ranking from zero to five based on our participation in this Spanish project. 0 indicates that the student did not try and spoke almost all English. A 5 indicates that the student used no English, except when required for your class or activity.

            We appreciate your assistance with our project. We know that if we practice and practice, we will better ourselves more than we can imagine. Our goal is to improve ourselves as much as possible during our time in Spanish 1, which involves practice outside of class. We hope that this forty eight hour period will better our Spanish communication skills.

                                                                                                Señor Shaffer
                                                                                                Spanish 2
                                                                                                AP Spanish Students
Dia de Español
Estoy participando en un proyecto de comunicación en español para la clase de
Español 2.
I am participating in a Spanish communication project for  Spanish 2 class.
Solamente puedo hablar español hoy.
I am only able to speak Spanish today.
¿Puede hablar español conmigo?
Can you speak Spanish
with me?

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